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Girty's C Ration Cans
Ok, I know. How the hell did he do it? Well, if you would just slow down, I'll get around to telling you.
First of all, for years rations have perplexed WWII reenactions much as it does many other living historians. In the last few years, several companies have sprug up offering non edible, or really expensive edible rations. I don't know about you guys, but I don't have the money to blow an event for K rats. Thats why I decided to make them.
My rations are by no means 100%, but they are a start. It will allow us not only to display rations people can touch and handle without us freaking out, but eat authentic rations to gain that part of the experience.
ok, for how too. First of all, you need to obtain a can opener that cuts the whole top off of cans.
Then eat a whole bunch of canned food. cut the tops off and wash them. They will serve as your ration lids.
Next you take your sheet of tooling foil and cut out the rectangles that will form the body of your can.
At this point you need to measure out and mark where your tearaway strip will be. Score it with an exacto knife. Then form the the tab the the key will slide over.
use rubber cement or another type of adhessive to make the rectangle into a tube. be sure it is the right size to accept your lids.
Put the bottom on with your adhessive. load it up with your chocolate puck, crackers, and jam for a B-1 unit. Then put the lid on.
A coat of OD paint over the body for later rations will finish it off.
A key on the bottom and stenciling on the top will complete the ration.
Like I said, not 100% but better than anything out there.
Have fun. Show off to your buddies, but please tell them that Girty of the 99th showed you how to make them. Any questions can be directed to the divison by way of a communication link. Eat up

What's new with the platoon?
Well, if you haven't heard our buddy Lee has decided that he will be doing Lufftwaffe when he gets old. He has already started buying the stuff! Ghee Golly Pop, You ain't that old yet!