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Today, there is alot of information on the web concerning WWII. It comes from society's focus on WWII the last few years. Because of this and the need to preserve WWII history, many oral histories and informative web sites have poped up. Some of our Favorites are listed below. There are so many out there, we have kept them relivent to the 99th and what we do. You will find links Veteran Histories as well as WWII Supliers and other living History groups.

The boys in the I&R platoon have done some recon for you and found some great Sites on the Web. Take a few minutes to check them out.

Veterans Pages
Ray Wenzel's Timeline A timeline of Ray Wenzel during his time in C Company 394th regiment and after.
Frightening Panorama along the Rhine The personal stroy of Kenneth Haas, a Artillery soldier in the 99th Division.
Glen Hardings Trips back to Europe This site details the tips Glen Harding made to Europe in the last few years. It also tells his story of the time he spent in the 99th Division.
Lundendorf Bridge at Remagen The story of Leo J. Ghirardi a soldier in L company 394th 99th ID.

Favorite Sites
The 99th Division Association Checkerboard This is the 99th Division Veterans Asocciation Web Site. Very interesting articles. A must see.
9th Infantry Division This site belongs to a living history group who is very progressive in thier thinking. These guys are Class A when it comes to living history. Check 'em out and tell them their brothers in the 99th told you to drop in. If you are a veteran, there is a questionaire on the site that would really help them out in their quest for information.
99th ID Table of Organization This site has a detailed table of organization listing for the 99th.
Honor and Duty Memories of WWII from a member of the 99th Division.
The 99th Divison A web site built by Hans Wijer. Great info on the 99th Division.
The soldier's Story The WWII stroy of Rex Whitehead a soldier in H company 394th regiment 99th Division.

VETERAN QUESTIONAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the questionaire that the boys in the 9th Division have for Veterans. If you are a WWII veteran please take a few minutes and look at the questionaire. They use it to better portray the WWII GI. It is extreamly helpful, not to mention it is again another way to preserve your WWII history.