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Living History
What we do is called reenacting by some, but in the more progressive circles it is known as living history. We recreate a period in time by dressing and acting as individuals who lived in that period. Sometimes we take on actual roles, and do what is called "first person". This is where we act and speak as if we are in the period, taking part in the events and goings on of that time.
More comonly, we do a "third person" interpretation of the period. This is where we dress like individuals of that time, but talk to people about what the original individuals experiences.
Living History is a very important and effective tool in teaching history today. It adds that third demension that one can not get in history books. It can even place you on or near the battlefield, getting you close to the "action". Many people who once thought history to be dry and dull, find themselves interested and intrigued.
We "reenact" WWII as living historians, to honor the veterans of that war and educate the public about their sacrifice. We owe them alot!

Research of WWII Period
All the members of our unit are constantly involved in reasearch. Some of it formal, as in books and librairies. And losts of it informal, like veteran interviews and examining photos.
There will always be more to learn about WWII. No one will ever know all of the answers. We do our best to reasearch the lives of combat soldiers during the war so we can better protray them to the public by the means of living history. The way we present ourselves as WWII Infantry soldiers has been very well researched. We do this to honor and inform, so we have to be very correct in our portrayal.
If you have an oral story of WWII that you would like to share, please don't hesitate in contacting us. We would love to hear from you.
Collecting WWII Items
In our journey to create the lives of WWII GI's we come across and collect all kinds of original items. It really turns into a side hobby of its own. Each one of us has our "specialty" items. That is the ones we enjoy collecting.
We have made it our personal "crusade" to find and save original GI items. So many of them have been lost and distroyed over the years. We will buy them, find them and be given them. But once an item comes to us, we do our best to restore it and keep it for as long as we can.
One can learn alot from the pictures, letters and writtings of WWII soldiers. These kind of items are so very important to preserve because as the vets pass, it will be our only means of "seeing into the past".
Public Education
The most important thing that we do with our hobby, is to teach the public about WWII. All of the time we spend reseaching and gathering items culminates at an event when we are teaching people about WWII. So many people do not realize the sacrifices people made during the war. And that is not to say it was just on the part of the soldier in the field. Every American was affected by the war. Most contributed to the war effort in one way or another. It is important that the younger generations of this nation know about those that came before them and the price they had to pay for Freedom. Prehaps our little unit may teach one person, and that knowledge will grow and one day give them an understanding of what it has cost to be free. And if we do that, then we have done our job.