Time Line of 394th from Nov. 15, 1942 to May 9, 1945
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The following information comes from, "A Day to Remember", and is printed in the 394th Regimental History called: FROM BATTLE BABIES TO VETS..... THE COMBAT HISTORY OF THE 394TH INFANTRY REGIMENT. Prepared by the 394th Infantry Special Services.

Nov.15, 1942- 394th is activated at CampVan Dorn, Miss. under the command of Col. Lester MacGregor.

Aug.15, 1943- D-Series manuvers begin in Miss.,last till Sept. 9.

Sept.17, 1943-Louisiana Manuvers begin, end Nov. 15 in Texas. Divisions participating: 99th, 84th, 102nd, 103rd.

Nov.16, 1943- The 394th enters training at Camp Maxey (The Jap Trap) at Paris, Tx. for further training.

Sept.12, 1944- Good Bye Maxey!

Sept.15-17, 1944- Hello Camp Miles Standish, Mass.

Sept.28-29, 1944- Up the gangplank at the Boston P.O.E.

Oct.10, 1944- 2d Bn. on the "Exchequer" docks at Guorock, Scotland.

Oct.11, 1944- 3d Bn., on "Explorer", docks at Guorock, Scotland while 1st Bn. and Special Units, on "Excelsior", dock at Liverpool England.

Oct.13, 1944- 394th arrives at Dorsetshire, Southern England.

Nov.2, 1944- Move from Southern England to France gets underway.

Nov.6, 1944- 394th lands at Leharve, France.

Nov.14, 1944- Regiment goes on line in the Weisserstein-Losheimergraben sector, relieving the 60th Infantry, 9th Division.


Nov.22, 1944- Maj. Kris takes a combat patrol from C company into Losheim, tears the town apart.

Dec.16, 1944- Germans open their Winter Offensive in the Ardennes.

Dec.17, 1944- THe regiment withdraws to Murringen.

Dec.18, 1944- 394th slips past the Germans to Elsenborn, Belgium.

Dec.19, 1944- Deffensive positions are set up around Elsenborn.

Dec.20, 1944- Jerries throw tank and Infantry attack at 1st Bn., and are stopped cold by artillery.

Dec.28, 1944- Nazis try again, using 2 battailions of Infantry and 10 S-P guns, to pierce 1st Bn. lines. They are slaughtered by small arms, mortar, and artillery.

Jan.3, 1945- 2d Bn. sends out 3 reinforced platoons on combat patrol. G company patrol kills 34 kruats.